Art Rotterdam

In 2017, NN Group launched its partnership with Art Rotterdam. The fair has an international focus and highlights the latest developments within contemporary visual arts. The 22nd edition of  Art Rotterdam was held at the Van Nelle Fabriek in Rotterdam from 1 to 4 July 2021. 

NN Art Award

Each year, a jury grants the award to an exceptional talent who received his or her education in the Netherlands and whose work can be seen at the fair. The prize is aimed at both young talent and artists who are already further along in their career. Artists who completed their education at an art school or postgraduate art school in the Netherlands are eligible for the prize. 

This award is an initiative that shines a spotlight on the exceptional quality of art schools in the Netherlands. From all over the world, young artists flock to Dutch academies to tap into their full potential and become acquainted with other artists and cultures. The Rijksakademie and De Ateliers in Amsterdam, De Van Eyck Academie in Maastricht and the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam are some of the best academies in the world and have had a lasting influence on the international development of the visual arts. Many artists at Art Rotterdam received their education at an art school or postgraduate art school in the Netherlands. 

The award consists of a cash prize (EUR 10,000). Artworks from nominees are also purchased for NN Group’s corporate art collection.  

In 2021, NN Group introduced the Public Choice Award, in honour of the fifth anniversary of the NN Art Award. The winner of the Public Choice Award is chosen in an open voting round, and receives EUR 5,000.  

NN Art Award 2021 

Erik Mattijssen wins NN Art Award 2021 

The winner of the fifth NN Art Award was announced at the opening of Art Rotterdam on 30 June 2021. We are pleased to congratulate Erik Mattijssen of gallery Cokkie Snoei. 

Erik Mattijssen is constant in his oeuvre and his themes remain valid in a changing zeitgeist. Regardless of its consistent quality, it continues to evolve. He evokes feelings of nostalgia and draws the viewer into his works through his meticulous attention to detail. You keep discovering.  

The jury finds his work surprisingly fresh and direct. In recent years there has been renewed attention for his work, which has led to various museum exhibitions in the Netherlands. And rightly so, according to the jury. This is the momentum to stimulate this artist to continue to surprise us.

The four nominees for the NN Art Award 2021 were: 

The jury was comprised of Imara Limon (curator Amsterdam Museum), Reyn van der Lugt (collector), Suzanne Swarts (director Museum Voorlinden), Koen Taselaar (artist and nominee NN Art Award 2020), Els Drummen (curator CODA Apeldoorn) and Elisah van den Bergh (curator NN Art Collection). 

NN Art Award Public Choice 2021

Erik Mattijssen of gallery Cokkie Snoei in Rotterdam wins inaugural Public Choice Award 2021 

The winner of the inaugural Public Choice Award was named by Dailah Nihot, member of the NN Group Management Board, on 4 July 2021, during a livestream from the Van Nelle Fabriek. Congratulations to Erik Mattijsen.  

With 37% of the votes, Erik was the clear winner amongst the art lovers who voted for the Public Choice award on the Nationale-Nederlanden website. Erik was praised by voters for his refreshing and cheerful style. With the craftmanship in his artwork, Erik emphasises the beauty of ordinary things and thereby makes them special.

NN Art Award 2020

Ana Navas wins the NN Art Award 2020

On 5 February 2020, at the festive opening night of Art Rotterdam, the fourth winner of the Award was announced: Ana Navas.

Ana Navas (1984, Ecuador) is a multi-talent. The jury believes she can handle anything. Navas uses various media, such as video, performance, photography, sculpture and installations. Her works make associations between art, fashion, politics and power, and are often about female empowerment.

Her work contains numerous dualities, such as high and low art, design and decoration, and tradition and innovation. It makes the viewer want – and feel compelled – to look twice. Navas’ work speaks for itself through its strong, original expression. Her textile works and sculptures show great vitality and are convincing.

NN Art Award 2019

Katja Mater

Katja Mater wins NN Group Art Award 2019

The winner of the NN Group Art Award 2019 was announced by Lard Friese at the official opening of Art Rotterdam, where work of all nominees is displayed. The jury praised the recent steps in Katja Mater’s work. Mater (Hoorn, 1981) graduated in 2002 from De Ateliers in Amsterdam. She investigates the parameters of photography and film in which time, space and perception play a central role. The jury found her work to be intelligent and full of unpredictable results. What viewers see is not the same as what is happening in front of their eyes. The jury expressed admiration for how Mater has successfully added a new chapter to an oeuvre that increasingly shows a strong independent identity in the Dutch art landscape.

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