Car insurance for more than a century 

Around 1900, the first automobiles arrive in the Netherlands. The number of cars grows rapidly from 150 in the first years to close to 7,000 in 1920. Partly as a result of this growth, the number of car accidents on the busy roads constantly increases and insurance companies began to focus on accident insurance. The Eerste Rotterdamsche Ongevallen Verzekering is one of the first, starting their car insurance activities as early as 1911, including a ‘special Ford premium rate’. Car insurance becomes one of their most important products. Insurers also want to encourage motorists to drive more safely, for example, by promoting the use of seat belts.

Car insurance, folder Eerste Rotterdamsche, 1929 

Promotion seas bells by employees of the Eerste Rotterdamsche  in 1960 

Poster 50 years car insurances, Eerste Rotterdamsche, 1962. Design: R. Das 

Folder motor vehicle  insurance Nationale-Nederlanden, 1970 

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