Privacy and Cookie statement

NN Group N.V. ("NN") and its subsidiaries will do their best to ensure that your personal data is processed in such a way that your privacy is protected and safeguarded as far as possible.

When you visit this website, NN processes log information and details of visitor behavior patterns. NN does this to collect statistical information on the use of the website and to operate the website correctly. The aforementioned information is gathered by using cookies and similar technologies (“cookies”). We explain below in more detail how and why this is done. NN will not further process personal data in a way incompatible with these purposes.

If you have any questions about this statement or our data processing activities, you can contact us.

When you visit this website, we place cookies on your computer, tablet or phone if your browser settings allow that to be done. Cookies are small, straightforward text files. The cookies are used for recognising you the next time you visit the website. Cookies make sure (for example) that you don’t receive the same information or need to enter the same data every time you visit our website. Your settings and preferences are remembered, which makes subsequent visits to the site easier for you. Furthermore, we can use the cookies to tailor the information on our site. This website downloads cookies on your computer, tablet or mobile phone which are strictly necessary for the functioning of the website, such as cookies which ensure that you can retrieve information on the website quickly, and cookies which are strictly necessary to provide a service which has explicitly been requested by you, such as a cookie which remembers your cookie settings. To download cookies which are not strictly necessary, such as cookies for gathering statistical information, NN needs your prior consent.
In this cookie policy, the term ‘cookie’ refers not just to the small text files but also to comparable techniques that we use to store or read data on your device, such as JavaScript, tags, beacons, pixels or for example HTML5 LocalStorage.

Some cookies are necessary for the website to function correctly and completely. We always place these necessary cookies, provided your browser settings allow that. This also applies to analytics cookies and a number of affiliate and performance cookies. These cookies give information on how our website is used, help us improve the website.

In addition, tracking cookies are placed by third parties when you visit our website. NN works with external parties that use cookies in order to present you with advertisements geared to your interests or offer you certain social media functionalities. You can see who places cookies in addition to NN, and for what purpose, in an overview further down the page.

Our website contains YouTube videos. These videos use code from YouTube. This code places cookies that can be used by YouTube. The YouTube cookies are only placed when you click ‘Play’. We have no influence on how the information collected by YouTube is used. Read their privacy statement regularly to make sure you know what they do with the personal data that they process via these cookies.

In order to be able to show YouTube videos, we place cookies to store your preference. You can see the video's only when you accept these cookies. The lifespan of these cookies is 90 days.

If you do not want to allow cookies, you can delete the cookies manually via your Internet browser or have them deleted automatically at the end of an Internet session. You can set your Internet browser to send a message whenever a cookie is placed or to not allow cookies to be placed. In that case, certain elements of the website may not function properly.

We distinguish between the following categories of cookie:

Category Description When do we place them?
Necessary for technical reasons / Functional Cookies that are exclusively intended for communication across the Internet (for example, cookies that make sure the personal settings and preferences you have chosen are ‘remembered’). This category also includes cookies that are used to store or read data required to let us deliver our online services. Always (provided that your browser settings allow this)
Analytics These cookies track and analyse the use of our website. This lets us improve the quality of our website. Always (provided that your browser settings allow this)
Youtube Videos In order to be able to show YouTube videos, we place cookies. This cookie is placed to store your preferences. Only if you specify your preference to watch a YouTube video on our website

The overview below shows the cookies that are used on nn An explanation is also given of the purpose of each cookie and its category.

Cookie / Supplier Purpose Lifespan Category
Akamai (mPulse) Tags are placed to gain a better understanding of the performance data of real-time users. Session Analytics
Google Analytics Cookies are placed to give us a better understanding of the behaviour of visitors to our website. This information is then used to improve the user experience for our website. We have concluded a processing agreement with Google in which agreements have been made about handling the data that is collected. Google is not permitted to share the data it obtains or to use the data for other Google services, and we anonymise the IP addresses. Session Analytics
Nationale-Nederlanden places a number of functional cookies that are necessary for the proper functioning of the website. Session Necessary for technical reasons / Functional
Relay42 We use the Relay42 Tag Manager to manage various applications and cookies in a central location. Session Necessary for technical reasons / Functional
Hotjar Cookies are placed to give us a better understanding of the behaviour of visitors to our website. This information is then used to improve the user experience for our website and the channels used by NN Group. 1 year Analytics

This Privacy and Cookie statement may be modified from time to time to comply with applicable laws or to reflect our updated business practices, so please check this page periodically for any changes.


NN subsidiaries have their own, extensive Privacy statements and Cookie statements. See for example the Nationale-Nederlanden statements:

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