Sustainable procurement

To support the transition to a low-carbon economy, NN Group is committed to making sustainable procurement decisions. We encourage our suppliers to do the same. Through our purchasing decisions to meet our organisation’s need for products and services, we aim to contribute to society, minimise our environmental impact and address socioeconomic issues. 

We assess environmental, social and governmental (ESG) factors that can pose risks or present opportunities for NN. When material, we incorporate appropriate evaluation criteria in our sourcing processes and evaluate all costs associated with the product or service. We also challenge our suppliers to offer sustainable and innovative solutions. Our suppliers are asked to register to an innovative supplier qualification platform where they provide detailed information on how they minimise their environmental impact. We actively engage with our suppliers to stimulate ongoing improvements. Our commitment and principles are captured in the NN Group Sustainable Procurement Statement. 

NN Group Sustainable Procurement Statement 2022 

We continually improve our relationships with suppliers and work together in a mutually beneficial way. We have included our most important standards in our approach to the environment and human rights in NN’s Terms and Conditions, which our suppliers agree to when doing business with us. On top of this, all key suppliers are asked to commit to our Supplier Code of Conduct (SCC), which outlines our expectations of the sustainability policies and practices of our suppliers. 

NN Group Supplier Code of Conduct 

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