18 Nov 2016 - 14:02 CET

Pieke Bergmans, glass art commission

In 2015, on behalf of NN Group, artist Pieke Bergmans created a unique and now much-talked about series of glass art entitled DNNA. The series is on permanent display at the entrance of the low-rise building of the NN head office in The Hague. This was a special commission, for which the artist has let herself be partly inspired by the colour of the NN logo. In this video, Pieke speaks about her art and the process of creating DNNA.

(photo: Mirjam Bleeker)

Pieke Bergmans is fascinated by movement and shapes that result from it, which is evident throughout her work. She uses a variety of materials (glass, iron, bronze, wax and even neon) and encompasses the highest craftsmanship. Pieke Bergmans is a renowned designer and her work has been exhibited all over the world.