NN partners with Refugee Talent Hub for third year

This year, NN Group has once again partnered with Refugee Talent Hub for their mentorship programme, which aims to connect employers with refugees to help bridge the gap to employment.

About Refugee Talent Hub

Many refugees in the Netherlands are eager to find work. However, not everyone is successful in finding a job. Newcomers to the country often have a small network, know little about the labour market and find it difficult to meet employers.

Refugee Talent Hub is an initiative that brings employers in contact with refugees looking for work. They dream of a Netherlands where employers can use refugees’ talent and refugees have an equal chance in the Dutch labour market. In 2021 their activities helped more than 1,750 refugees with the support of 39 partner employers.

NN colleagues to volunteer

During the mentor programme, which commences in September, selected candidates will be paired with NN colleagues. Throughout the programme, the mentor and the mentee will work together to improve the mentee’s chances in the labour market. Our colleagues will share their knowledge, experience and professional network with the mentee, as well as giving the mentee advice on personal matters and working in the Netherlands. Feedback from past programmes shows that becoming a mentor is a rewarding experience for both participants.

In previous programmes, our mentors have specialised in IT. As of 2022 we will add a new trajectory: the Finance Academy, a four-month programme for refugees with a background in Finance and Risk, in partnership with EY, Rabobank and KPMG.

Community investment at NN

The collaboration with Refugee Talent Hub fits well within NN's community investment programme NN Future Matters. With this programme we aim to increase people’s financial well-being, including by working on income perspective for people who are disadvantaged in the labour market.

You can read more about our work with Refugee Talent Hub in this interview.

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