NN provides a podium for LGBTI+ talent during Rotterdam Pride

Artist Yamuna Forzani created life-sized artwork with 'embrace change' as theme

For the third consecutive year, NN was partner of Rotterdam Pride, the organiser of Pride events in Rotterdam as well as a catalyst for impactful change in cultural and sexual diversity throughout the year. As main sponsor, we had a dedicated NN space where we met and celebrated with attendees, and we co-hosted a walk through the city of Rotterdam: The Pride March.

This year for the first time, NN also provided a podium for a LGBTI+ talent. Artist Yamuna Forzani was the first talent ever that was given a stage during Pride Rotterdam. We gave her complete freedom to design and create a large work of art for the prominent NN space on the Coolsingel in Rotterdam. Yamuna made a life-sized artwork with 'embrace change' as theme.  

Dailah Nihot, member of the NN Group Management Board said: ‘As a supporter of change, we are also a supporter of talent. Talent contributes to positive change and is inspirational to others. For that reason, we offer a LGBTI+ talent the stage during this event. Yamuna’s piece of art expresses positive change.’

Yamuna’s art is inspired by what Pride means to her: the history and tribute to those paving the way, the celebration of the freedom to be yourself and the prospect of the future and the community that she is a part of. A figurehead and activist in the ballroom scene within the LGBTI+ community, Yamuna is an emerging artist and designer known for her graphic, colorful and queer-focused designs.

Dailah Nihot: ‘We believe our company is strongest when we embrace the full spectrum of humanity. Regardless of what we look like, where we come from, or who we love. That is why NN takes a stand for diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunities for all. When we accept and celebrate the differences that make us unique, we are more empowered to succeed as individuals, as teams and as a company’.

Watch this video to get an impression of NN’s partnership of Rotterdam Pride this year.

You can read more about NN's approach to diversity in our Diversity & Inclusion Statement

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