16 Jan 2019 - 13:46 CET

NN Group included in Bloomberg Gender Equality Index

It was announced today that NN Group is selected for the 2019 Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. This index highlights 230 companies that are committed to transparency in workplace gender reporting.

The index doubled in size from 2018 and includes companies from 10 sectors headquartered across 36 countries. Collectively, these companies have a combined market capitalisation of USD 9 trillion and employ more than 15 million people around the world, of which 7 million are women. Companies were ranked on how they promote gender equality across 4 separate areas: company statistics, policies, community engagement, and products and services. According to data from the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index:

  • Women had a 40% increase in executive level positions between fiscal years 2014-2017
  • 60% of the companies conduct compensation reviews to identify gender-based variations in pay

NN Group is committed to  promote female leadership in various ways. We facilitate awareness discussions and trainings. We have set concrete goals: we aim for 50% female candidates in recruitment for management roles, we focus on 30% female senior management, and we continue to strive for further improvement in this area. Furthermore, we support initiatives outside our company such as TEDxAmsterdamWomen. Dailah Nihot, member of the Management Board NN Group: 'Diversity is high on our company’s agenda, and we are proud to be included in the Bloomberg Gender Equality Index. We believe all people should feel respected and valued for who they are, regardless of background, age or gender. It is our goal to have a minimum of 30% women in senior management positions. Diversity in thinking, skills and experience, enables us to be optimally equipped to meet changing customer needs, remain an attractive employer, and adapt to new market circumstances.’

The topic of equal pay is also high on the agenda of NN Group. Developments and internal assessments in this area are regularly discussed with our Management Board and our Supervisory Board. NN Group conducted research into equal pay across all business units, identifying that discrepancies in equal pay are limited, but that there are certain areas for improvement. In the Netherlands for example, we see that men have a longer term of employment leading to a different relative salary position in a salary scale. We do see however that women are on the rise throughout our business, which is also explained by their increased representation at senior levels.