Senior leadership appointments – NN and Delta Lloyd integration in the Netherlands and Belgium

On Wednesday 12 April 2017, NN Group has settled the DeltaLloyd Shares tendered in the Offer Period.

Following Settlement, NN Group and Delta Lloyd will startthe process of integrating the companies in the Netherlands and Belgium.

As part of the integration process, the following leadersfor the joint company in the Netherlands, including NN Investment Partners andthe Support Functions at Head Office, were appointed on 13 April 2017:

Business Unit or Function Name Role
NN Investment Partners Satish Bapat Member of the Management Board of NN Group - CEO of NN Investment Partners - CEO of Delta Lloyd Asset Management*
NN Life Netherlands Michel van Elk CEO of NN Life - CEO of Delta Lloyd Life
Tjeerd Bosklopper Director of Individual Life Services**
Annemieke Visser-Brons Director of Pension Services**
Diederik Schouten Director of Pension New Business**
Tom Reinders Head of Human Resources
NN Non-life Netherlands Leon van Riet CEO of NN Non-life - CEO of Delta Lloyd Non-life***
NN Bank Netherlands Erik Muetstege CEO of NN Bank - CEO of DL Bank
Marcel Zuidam Director of Transformation Office****
Customer and Commerce Mariken Tannemaat Chief Customer Innovation Officer
Ad Rijken Head of Customer Relations
Harry van der Zwan Head of Intermediary Affairs
Human Resources Netherlands Suzanne Jungjohann Head of Human Resources
Integration Management Office Robin Buijs Head of Integration
Support Functions of NN Group Janet Stuijt General Counsel & Head of Compliance
Jiska Pleunes-Caljouw Chief Compliance Officer
Anoek Bastiaens Head of Corporate Audit Services
Jelle van der Giessen Chief Investment Officer
Dailah Nihot Head of Corporate Relations
Renata Mrazova Head of Human Resources
Marc Heemskerk Head of Group Risk Service Centre
Toon Krooswijk Head of Risk Management Netherlands
Guus Schoorlemmer Head of Risk Management International
Roderik van Montfrans Head of Enterprise Risk Management
Jos Motzheim Head of Group Operational Risk
Amir Arooni Chief Information Officer
Bill Cokins Chief Actuary Office
Karin de Jong Head of Investor Relations
Duncan Russell Head of Corporate Finance & Strategy
Arun Sivaramakrishnan Head of Performance & Analytics
Derk-Jan Stol Head of Group Finance & Reporting
Peter Paul Boon Head of Tax
NN Belgium Jan van Autreve CEO of NN Belgium - CEO of DL Belgium Life*****
Filip Depaz Deputy CEO of DL Belgium Life*****

* subject to regulatory approval

** subject to regulatory and WorksCouncil approval

*** including ABN AMRO joint venture

**** subject to regulatory and WorksCouncil approval 

***** subjectto regulatory approval


For the appointments for the Dutch combined company, reference is made to theDutch press release as published on the website of Nationale-Nederlanden(Dutch only).

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