Governance, stakeholder engagement, memberships and endorsements

At NN Group, corporate citizenship, including our sustainability approach, is part of the portfolio of the Chief People, Communications, and Sustainability Officer within the Management Board. The Chief Risk Officer, also a member of the Management Board, has day-to-day responsibility for NN Group’s risk management function, including risks related to sustainability matters, such as climate change. Additionally, all members of the Management Board have a responsibility for integrating sustainability in their respective businesses and functions.

NN Group strives to structurally embed sustainability in our policies, processes and activities. To drive our strategy and the implementation of our processes, we have a dedicated team in place; the Corporate Citizenship team within the Corporate Relations department. This team works closely together with the different businesses and functions to steer and advise on the implementation of the overall strategy.

Additionally, there are experts within specific departments, such as Investment Office, Risk Management, Legal and Compliance, that include ESG related activities in their respective roles.

Stakeholder engagement

NN Group engages in ongoing dialogue with stakeholders on a variety of topics, ranging from products, services and business performance to our role in society. By endorsing national and international initiatives, we underline our ambitions and join forces with other organisations to increase leverage. Engagement is a vital part of our efforts to earn the trust and support of our stakeholders, and of our duty as a responsible and engaged company.

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Memberships and endorsements

To underline our ambition NN is a member of various national and international organisations and endorsed several initiatives.

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To ensure compliance and discuss the impact of various regulatory policies, NN is a member of various national and international organisations:

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