NN Future Matters

Articles about NN Future Matters projects and initiatives.

1. To promote financial empowerment

By supporting people in their development of financial knowledge and confidence, we help them foster a secure and stable financial future.  Our activities particularly focus on young people, because we believe that solid financial habits are best developed at a young age.

2. To create economic opportunities

By offering internships, scholarships, traineeships and mentorship programmes, NN enables society’s youth to develop and increase their potential in the labour market. For us, a good match between one’s individual competences and the demand of the labour market is very important.

          3. To alleviate financial distress

          Through fundraising and partnerships with local charities, NN aims to support families with children that grow up in financially challenging circumstances. Even in prosperous societies, formal social support services are sometimes unable to reach out to the disadvantaged and underserved of society. NN Future Matters bridges this gap by partnering with local charities and by participating in various fundraising activities and donation programmes.