Green Bonds

As a mortgage provider, NN Bank wants to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in houses, by offering financing options to make homes more sustainable. NN Bank believes that Green Bonds are an effective funding tool to channel financing to projects that have demonstrated clear environmental or climate benefits and contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. By issuing Green Bonds, NN Bank intends to align its funding strategy with its mission and sustainability strategy.

Green Bond Framework

In June 2021, NN Bank established its Green Bond Framework, with the aim to finance Green Buildings. Under this Green Bond Framework, NN Bank and its subsidiaries may issue Green Bonds to finance and/or refinance mortgages for energy efficient residential properties in the Netherlands. See NN Bank unsecured funding and NN Bank Soft Bullet Covered Bond Programme webpage for all Green Bond issuances including Final Terms.

Type Date of publication Documentation
Green Bond Framework 3 June 2021 Green Bond Framework
Second Party Opinion 3 June 2021 Sustainalytics Second Party Opinion 2021
Methodology assessment 3 June 2021 NN Bank Green Residential Buildings Methodology Assessment Document CFP
Green Bond Framework Investor Presentation 3 June 2021 Green Bond Framework IP


NN Bank will report annually on the allocation of the Green Bond net proceeds to the Eligible Green Loan Portfolio until full allocation and on the environmental impacts of the Eligible Green Loan Portfolio funded with the Green Bond proceeds. In addition, a limited assurance report by the auditor on the allocation of proceeds will be published on an annual basis.

Type Date of publication Documentation
Impact report 24 April 2023 Impact report 2022
Allocation report / limited assurance 21 April 2023 Allocation report 2022
Post issuance verification letter 11 April 2023 Verification letter Climate Bonds Standard
Impact report 22 April 2022 Impact report 2021
Allocation report / limited assurance 22 April 2022 Allocation report 2021
Pre-issuance impact report 3 June 2021 NN Bank pre-issuance impact report
Pre-issuance allocation report 3 June 2021 NN Bank pre-issuance allocation report

Energy Efficient Mortgage Initiative / Label

NN Bank and Woonnu are members of the Energy Efficient Mortgage Initiative (EEMI) and the Energy Efficient Mortgage Label (EEML). The objective of the initiatives is to stimulate and finance investment in energy efficient buildings and energy saving renovations, and by doing so help to secure a greener and more sustainable future for all. Contributing to regulatory alignment, such as EU taxonomy, Mortgage Credit Directive, CRR etc., and greater transparency regarding climate risks and portfolio resilience will benefit access to energy efficiency financing and green bond markets. The Harmonised Disclosure Template is reported by Woonnu to support such transparency. See also the EEML website.

Harmonised Disclosure Template reports

Harmonised Disclosure Template reports

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