Supporting our Partners/Agents


  • NN in Belgium shares vlogs and webinars to support and inspire distribution partners in communicating with customers digitally.

  • NN in Belgium provides the possibility of remote distribution to its partners from Deutsche Bank.

  • NN organises digital training sessions and networking events for partners and agents.


  • NN Hungary launched a digital sales process to allow the team of 1,200 tied agents to work remotely, remaining in constant contact with customers.

  • NN Hungary streamed web conferences and webinars to support and inspire its tied agent network.


  • NN Life Japan takes special measures for agency qualification assessment in order to help them cope with the Covid-19 environment.

  • NN Life Japan provides financial support to agencies that meet specific conditions and criteria to ensure business continuity.

  • NN Life Japan launched a digital sales process for some products.

The Netherlands

  • Nationale-Nederlanden maintains strong relations with Dutch advisors and regularly enacts new measures for their clients on a weekly basis based on the evolving Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Clients could request a payment holiday for insurance premiums for the months of March and April (2020) and added coverage for restaurants that do home deliveries.

  • Measures were taken for shops that launched online sales and agricultural companies starting home deliveries.


  • Nationale-Nederlanden Poland announced financial support for agents and adapted sales targets to support them, as they struggled to achieve their business goals during the pandemic.  

  • The insurance contracts for individual customers can be completed digitally – allowing clients to purchase a policy and conclude a contract remotely. 


  • NN Romania adapted its processes so financial consultants can carry out their activities from home, remaining in constant contact with customers using digital tools.


  • NN Slovakia launched a new system for external brokers and tied agents to use for new client contracts. The process is fully digital.  

  • NN Slovakia financially supported tied agents to help them during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • NN Slovakia provided free online education and development courses.

  • NN Slovakia offered free Covid-19 testing for its tied agents.


  • All post sales processes are now digital.

  • Specific measures are in place to support agents (mercantile contracts) with remuneration and their objectives.

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